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    2.“Yes, indeed,” agreed Mary; but with an absent air. She was thinking of Tilly — dear old Tilly — in whom the change had been no less marked. Looking very buxom and rather handsome in magenta velvet, Tilly had sat smiling broadly, but with less to say for herself than ever in her life before. Instead of paying attention to Richard, as she ought to have done, she had all the time been listening to Purdy, drinking in his words, and signing to Mary to listen, too, by many a private tilt of the brows. So palpably eager was she for him to shine that she had been unable to resist breaking in with a: “Oh, come now, Purd, take a LEETLE bit of the credit to yourself! — it was his doing really, Mary, and no one else’s, though ‘e tries now to make out it was Blake’s.” And at Purdy’s: “Forgive my old woman’s dotage, you two . . . it’s still kissing-time with us, you know!”— at this Tilly had smirked and blushed like a sixteen-year-old.
    3.At breakfast-time he emerged pale and peevish, to a day that proved hardly less wearing than the night had been. One, too, that called for a clear brain and prompt decisions. For the owner of Darumbooli, Baillie by name, put in an appearance as arranged — an elderly Scot, tanned, sun-wrinkled, grey-whiskered, with a bluff yet urbane manner — a self-made man, it was plain, and wholly unlettered, but frank, generous, honourable: one of nature’s gentlemen, in short, and of a type Mahony invariably found it easy to do business with. Better still, he turned out to be one of your genuine garden-lovers: as the pair of them walked the grounds of “Ultima Thule,” none of the details and improvements Mahony felt proudest of but was observed and bespoken: the white-strawberry bed, the oleander grove, the fernery, the exquisitely smooth buffalo-grass lawns on which sprays were kept playing. A good garden was, it seemed, a desideratum with Baillie. And he fell in love with Mahony’s at first sight.
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